Space Raver

The following is a fleshing out of a public domain/creative commons done for use for all.

1. humanity exists and has become interplanetary, but has only become interstellar relatively recently.
2. tech is at “realistic techno-babble” levels. If we find a scientific theory that’s cool, we use it, but if we figure something equality as well that fits the narrative better, we’ll use that instead.
3. aliens exist. We’re still working on the breadth of theml.
4. Humanity is the nerd that shows up at your kewl party, but has the kewl toys and beer so you tolerate them. :D.

I’d say stick with a few solar systems to begin with, flesh them out and expand as needed.

we’ll use our solar system, say 1k from now as a base, unless somebody comes up with something better.

Overall Themes : snark, SCIENCE! and explosions.

Space Raver

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